State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra State, Mumbai
8th Floor, New Excelsior Building, A.K.Nayak Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400001.
Admission to Direct Second Year Engineering / Technology 2018-2019
Last Date for Uploading Admitted Candidates at Institute Level is 31-08-2018 till 6PM.


For Regular Candidates admitted within SI for the previous year,If a candidate is transferred from COURSE X to COURSE Y through internal transfer/branch change OR external transfer, the vacancy of COURSE X will change i.e. The vacancy of COURSE X will be X=X+1 & the vacancy of COURSE Y will be Y=Y-1 after the branch change/transfers.
Institute need to select the status of back log candidates in the course list as Passed/1 ATKT..then the candidate becomes eligible for transfer and can be transferred.
Backlog candidates with passed status/1 ATKT are allowed for branch change/transfers as per rule.
The Facilitation Centre shall remain open till last date of Document Verification and Confirmation. However the candidate confirmed after scheduled date for CAP (17th July 2017).Such candidates shall be eligible for vacant seats after CAP.
All FCs shall remain open on all days including holidays and Sundays during 10.00 am to 5.00 p.m. during scheduled period only.
In case of multiple online payment towards Registration Fees, the Competent Authority shall return the required amount to the same amount / card from where it is received as per the time frame provided to revert back payment from source.
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